Achieving goals together



‘Our ideal is to only employ people who are better, or have the potential to be better, than we are.’

Current vacancies:

Please find here the current job offers (in german).


Forward-thinking projects demand people with foresight. Productivity and creativity can only emerge from enthusiasm and passion. Designing excellent industrial buildings and tailoring them to our clients always presents a challenge.

Vignette für Lehrbetriebe für ihr Engagement in der Berufsbildung.Our collaboration is based on fairness, transparency and solidarity: we support and learn from one another – across generations and in the long term. This is why it is important to us to also teach apprentices and fuel their enthusiasm for industrial buildings.

Our company is fully owned by the employees. As shareholders they contribute to IE Group’s success. Our employees play their part on a daily basis, helping IE Group change as part of an ongoing improvement process. Our activities demand honed communication skills and a high degree of commitment and responsibility for the respective project.

If you are a team player or could manage a team, if you are better qualified than others in your field, if you are motivated by the idea of involvement in entrepreneurial risks and opportunities, then you should get in touch with us.

Send us a convincing email or an application with the usual documents to:

German-speaking Switzerland:
Armin Ballweg
Jürgen Reinhardt
Western Switzerland:
Stephan Guby