We turn industrial buildings into your competitive advantage.
Using clever solutions specially developed for the foodstuffs industry.



We plan and execute industrial building projects for the foodstuffs industry, in which production processes, building services and architecture are optimally coordinated. We guarantee that, even on unfavourable plot configurations and for structures organically matured over decades, enormous leaps in efficiency are possible.

Our strength: we understand your business because we employ architects and engineers with a wealth of experience in the foodstuffs industry under their belts. This enables us to create industrial buildings that deserve the name: a building that is optimally coordinated with the production processes – and thus becomes a machine in its own right.

Our range of services


IE plans and implements efficient logistics systems for industrial enterprises. We are not tied to specific suppliers’ products, but instead, as a neutral partner, consistently search for the best solution for our customers – whether selecting the conveying technology, warehouse systems or appropriate software. With our one-stop operational and construction planning, we ensure that the goods and personnel fluxes are optimally coordinated with both production processes and the building.

Contact person
Thomas Hanhart | Logistics Manager

IE ensures the necessary production hygiene and cleanliness are adhered to. We compile holistic hygiene and zoning concepts based on the respective product and process. Where cleanliness demands are stricter, we plan and build process-specific controlled areas and clean rooms – on request GMP-compliant and including complete training. Holistic planning allows us to focus on product reliability and operating costs.

Contact person
Stephan Fischer | Hygiene and Clean Room Manager

IE develops energy- and resource-saving concepts. We engage where the greatest potential for more sustainability in industrial buildings is found: in the production processes and the efficient design of all upstream and downstream processes. Measures range from energy recovery from process heat, through the use of renewables, to the efficient utilisation of plots. Our solutions also save both resources and costs, and thus link environmental responsibility to our customers’ corporate success.

Contact person
Thomas Rieger | Sustainability Manager

This is what we’re made of

We specialise in industrial buildings in five different industries. Our extensive experience in these fields mean that we speak exactly your language and understand your production processes. Our industrial buildings are therefore uncompromisingly planned, from the inside out.

Our IE industry-specific engineers, architects, planners and logistics specialists all work for a common cause, allowing us to create industrial buildings that convince from any angle. Production processes, technical building services and architecture are thus optimally coordinated.

Here at IE Engineering, all employees are stakeholders in the company, meaning you can rely on our teams’ motivation and initiative. Experience a new kind of partnership in cooperation.

Our planning and implementation guarantees give you complete security in terms of costs, deadlines, quality and function. From the initial design idea, through the choice of production technology, operational and logistics planning, to general planning and implementation, we execute all project stages – including in work contract format.



Project examples: clever industrial buildings solutions from IE

We’ll give you more than just an architectural shell for your production facility: we enhance the efficiency of your processes – with industrial buildings perfectly matched to your production processes. How we do it? With a lot of brainwork. We are not satisfied with mere run-of-the-mill solutions. Clear competitive advantages await our clients at the end of the process. Here are a few project examples:

  • Logistik
  • Hygiene
  • Nachhaltigkeit

One of the most state-of-the-art facilities for producing dry pet food was erected on a 62,800 sq m area plot in Apolda in the German state of Thuringia. Sustainability played a major role here as well.

As a large brand supplier, Ospelt offers seven product categories – one important branch of this family-run enterprise is pet food. The group invested in the Apolda production facility in Thuringia in 2010 in order to expand the existing pet food range.

A wide range of complete dry food products have been produced since September 2012 on powerful, highly automated machines, which rank amoung the most modern of their type in Europe, following a total construction and commissioning period of 15 months.

Focus on sustainability
The new production facility has numerous sustainability features. One special feature was the aim of investigating the building in line with the US LEED (Leadership in Energy + Environmental Design) label. As a result of the sustainability measures implemented the production building achieved the LEED Gold (Pre-Assessment) with 65 points.

Once the production facility was complete all parties were in agreement: the project can serve as a model for future sustainable industrial buildings.

IE services

  • Master plan
  • General planning
  • Concept, system and detailed design
  • Operational planning/process planning
  • Completion in September 2012

IE Food contact person
Matthias Wilhelm | Project manager

Switzerland’s largest private building site is taking shape: the first report for this unusual construction project is available – with many new photos.

The excavation, which will be filled in the coming months by the largest project in Coop history, is 200 metres long, 100 metres wide and 25 metres deep.

‘Economically and ecologically sensible’

And another feat: more than 350,000 cu. m of gravel were moved – corresponding to excavations for more than 2000 detached houses. ‘Even if these figures sound enormous, the project makes economical and, above all, ecological sense,’ says Leo Ebneter, Coop’s logistics division manager.

IE Food contact person
Theo Louwes | CEO

With federal councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann in attendance, Nestlé officially opened a new production facility in Konolfingen (canton of Berne). Nestlé doubles its capacity with the new plant. IE Food Engineering planned and executed the sustainable and high-quality build in a very short time.

In Konolfingen, Nestlé will produce the newest generation of probiotic baby food in order to meet increasing customer demand in more than 80 countries.

With the grand opening, expansion of the production capacity at this site is complete, following total investments of CHF 400 million and the creation of 370 new jobs over a four-year period.

The factory is equipped with the latest technology and will be developed from the outset to a beacon of eco-friendliness. For example, the new facilities allow CO2 emissions to be reduced by 58%, water consumption by 34% and energy use per tonne of produced goods by 37%. These are remarkable reductions, making Konolfingen a top-class production facility.

IE Food contact person
Theo Louwes | CEO


Industry specialists



Theo Louwes
Architect (ETH/SIA AG)

Zurich facility
T +41 44 389 86 82



Matthias Wilhelm
Engineer | Architect

Munich facility
T +49 89 82 99 39 22



Stephan Guby
Mechanical engineer (ETH)

Nyon facility
T +41 22 322 19 84




Dr. Hermann Aeschbach
Freelancer | Senior Consultant
Natural scientist (ETH, biotechnology dept.)
Master’s in Food Science

Zurich facility
T +41 44 389 86 86



Doris Bielser
Food scientist (ETH)

Zurich facility
T +41 44 389 86 31



Thomas Hanhart


Thomas Hanhart
Logistics manager
(Swiss graduate) Logistics manager|Business management

Zurich facility
T +41 44 389 86 45


Lisa Scherber
MSc Facility design and management

Munich facility
T +49 89 82 99 39 39



Harald Jakob
Operational planning manager

Munich facility
T +49 89 82 99 39 43



Diego Lechmann
Major projects manager
Architect | Operational engineer (ISZ/SIB)

Zurich facility
T +41 44 389 86 16



Staffan Nordström
Mechanical engineer (LiTH)

Zurich facility
T +41 44 389 86 24



Rainer Pirkelmann
Innovation and development manager
Food technology engineer

Zurich facility
T +41 44 389 86 30



Salvatore Scarnera
Architect (EAUG)

Nyon facility
T +41 22 322 19 83



Planning partners


Only the best for our clients: long-term partners, complete transparency

We rely on the expertise of long-term partners for specialist tasks not forming part of our core services. Processes involving these companies have been honed to perfection as a result of our collaboration on numerous projects. In this way we ensure that our clients enjoy the same high level of quality, regardless of whether IE employees or those of third-party companies are involved.

However, transparency is still important to us. Before the project begins we inform our client about which services we are buying more of and from whom. With regard to the foodstuffs industry in particular, we work with the following companies: