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We work in small and powerful teams of industry experts. IE Graphic, IE Food, IE Plast, IE Life Science and IE Technology are embedded in the IE Group, which provides the necessary financial backbone – even for large construction projects.

Our range of services

Our range of services


IE plans and implements efficient logistics systems for industrial enterprises. We are not tied to specific suppliers’ products, but instead, as a neutral partner, consistently search for the best solution for our customers – whether selecting the conveying technology, warehouse systems or appropriate software. With our one-stop operational and construction planning, we ensure that the goods and personnel fluxes are optimally coordinated with both production processes and the building.

IE ensures the necessary production hygiene and cleanliness are adhered to. We compile holistic hygiene and zoning concepts based on the respective product and process.
Where cleanliness demands are stricter, we plan and build process-specific controlled areas and clean rooms – on request GMP-compliant and including complete training. Holistic planning allows us to focus on product reliability and operating costs.

IE develops energy- and resource-saving concepts. We engage where the greatest potential for more sustainability in industrial buildings is found: in the production processes and the efficient design of all upstream and downstream processes. Measures range from energy recovery from process heat, through the use of renewables, to the efficient utilisation of plots. Our solutions also save both resources and costs, and thus link environmental responsibility to our customers’ corporate success.